Setup a dungeon roster and let users sign up to run




When using the /dungeon Command, you will be presented with several questions about your setup. After answering the questions the command will be sent. The Bot will then show an embed message with the information you provided. There will be buttons shown below the message that allow users to sign up for the run or sign off. You also have the option to provide additional information about the dungeon run. And if selecting the thread option the bot will automatically create a thread for this dungeon run below the message to keep your channels clean if needed.
You do not have to provide the exact dungeon name for this command to work as the bot will try to find a zone whose name is matching the best with your search query.


The result of using /dungeon and signing up as a DD


The command as it is being written
You do not have to provide a value for: note and thread as they are optional inputs. Date and Time are just regular text inputs so you can input whatever you like and works best for you (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, 03/07, 01.12., etc.)
The dungeon input is using an autocomplete feature like many other commands this bot provides. So after typing some letters you will be presented with a dropdown that shows dungeons matching your input which you can click on directly.