List style motifs containing your search query and their location in-game




When using the /motif Command, you are prompted to enter a search query. After entering your search query and pressing enter the bot will try to find style motifs based on your search query. The Bot will then show you some information for the resulting motifs:
  • Icon
  • Name
  • Location
The bot will show all motifs that contain your search query in their name or location. The maximum amount of concurrently shown motifs is 23.


The Result of using the /motif command with the query: Blood


Using the command with a query that is not present in any of the motifs in ESO, you will get a proper error message telling you that no motif could be found. If the search query is similar to any of the motifs in the game you will be informed about the suggestion too. This message will only be shown to you.
The Result of using the /motif command with the query: Blodofroge