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Stay Updated

Stay up-to-date with the latest updates by subscribing to the Changelog
To receive an update post on your own Discord Server whenever the bot gets an Update you need to subscribe to the Announcement Channel on the Official Support Discord Server.


After joining the Aeridia Discord Server open the Channel: #updates
Aeridia Discord Server - Updates Channel
On the very top of the Channel right next to it's name you can find the Button: Follow. Clicking this Button you can subscribe to the News from this Channel. A Popup will prompt you to select the Server + Channel that you want to receive the Updates in.
Clicking the Follow Button in the Updates Channel
After selecting a Server and Channel you are now successfully subscribed to the Updates from Aeridia! Yeay!
After successfully subscribing to the Updates Channel


If you would like to remove the Subscription, or change the Channel the Messages get posted to you will need to adjust your Server Settings. After opening the Server Settings select Integrations in the Sidebar.
Afterwards you will see a page that shows "Webhooks", "Bots and Apps" and the "Channels Followed" Option that we want to access.
After clicking on Channels Followed you will see the following Screen in which you can delete the Subscription, change the Channel that receives the Posts or rename the Subscription.
Make sure you have the appropriate Rights to access the Sever Settings!