Terms of Service

Effective: Aug 02, 2022

Last updated: May 14, 2024


Thank you for your interest in Aeridia. Prior to use, please read, understand, and accept the following Terms of Service.

This document is a legal agreement between Aeridia ("We", "Us") and the user ("You", "Your"). By utilizing this Discord bot, its website, and other related services (collectively referred to as "Aeridia", "Bot", or "Service"), you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service. Please review them carefully.

In situations of uncertainty, the server owner where Aeridia is hosted assumes liability and is designated as "You" in these Terms.

To fully comprehend and agree to these Terms, you must first read, understand, and accept Discord Inc. ("Discord")'s Terms of Service, available at https://discord.com/terms.

About this service

Aeridia is a sophisticated bot designed for the chat and social platform "Discord," provided by Discord Inc. This service utilizes Discord's public API, which is thoroughly documented at https://discord.dev/. Users are encouraged to review the associated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before use.

Aeridia strictly adheres to Discord's "Developer Terms" and does not intend to, nor will it, misuse any of Discord's services. Usage of this service and its features must align with their intended purpose. Misuse of Aeridia that contravenes these terms or Discord's terms is prohibited.


You are authorized to utilize Aeridia and its services for any purpose, including commercial applications, unless explicitly restricted by these Terms. Unauthorized attempts to reverse-engineer or derive source code from Aeridia are strictly prohibited.

Outages, termination and general service

We are committed to enhancing Aeridia by actively developing new features and addressing bugs. As a result, some features may be added or removed. While we strive to minimize disruptions, service outages may occur. Aeridia is provided as a free service, and we are not liable for any potential outages or changes.

You may discontinue using Aeridia's services at any time by removing Aeridia from your Discord server. We reserve the right to terminate your use of Aeridia's services, with or without notice, for any reason.

Access to External Resources

Throughout the service, you may access external resources provided by third parties. You acknowledge that we have no control over these resources and are not responsible for their content or availability. Conditions applicable to any third-party resources, including potential grants of rights, are governed by the respective third parties' terms and conditions, or, in their absence, applicable statutory law.

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