Privacy Policy

Effective: Aug 02, 2022
Last updated: Aug 02, 2022


Thanks for being interested in using Aeridia. Before doing so, you should carefully read, understand and accept Aeridia's Terms of Service, then this Privacy Policy.
Your privacy is important to me. I will always inform you about how your data is used within this service in this Privacy Policy.


Using a command, the command name and search query that has been entered will be logged, to improve Aeridia's services and user experience. When inviting or kicking Aeridia to your Server the Server name and the amount of users in that server will be logged for statistics. Also using the "translate" command a log entry will be generated with the search query you provided.
Aeridia will not store any other user related data.

Use of the website

When using Aeridia's website, we automatically collect certain information. This information does not reveal your specific identity (like your name or contact information) but may include device and usage information, such as your IP address, browser and device characteristics, operating system, language preferences, referring URLs, device name, country, location, information about how and when you use our Services, and other technical information. This information is primarily needed to maintain the security and operation of our Services, and for our internal analytics and reporting purposes.
For more information on the data collected, please make sure to read the Privacy Policy provided by GitBook (, which is used to host this website. For Information on the cookies that are used on this Website please visit the corresponding page from GitBook (

Use of the Discord bot within Discord

Aeridia will log the Server name and users in that server whenever the Bot is invited or kicked from a Server. This is done to provide a statistic of active servers and users that Bot is currently providing with information.
When using a command, the command name as well as the provided search / input query (if needed) is logged. The data collected with those logs is used to improve Aeridia's services and user experience.
When using the "translate" command, not getting a result shown will lead to the given input query being saved so a translation for the query you searched for can be provided in the future. This entry does not include any data related to your or your Discord account, but purely the input query that has been provided by you.
When removing Aeridia from your server, the log data collected will not be deleted automatically, unless you explicitly want me to do so. If so, contact me via [email protected].


All servers used to provide Aeridia's services are not available to the public. Some information may be available through designated endpoints but only with correct authorization.
Although I am doing my best to protect your information, I advice that no method of electronic transmission or storage is 100% secure and no one can guarantee absolute data security. I am not liable for any data loss or data breach.